Speed and Musicality in Cha Cha by Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe

Lecture Topic: Speed and Musicality in Cha Cha

Key learning points:

  • One common mistake is when speed becomes the priority and musicality suffers resulting in less quality in the dance.
  • Importance of fluidity and freedom of movement when dancing and using correct technique to make the dance look and feel effortless.
  • The hip area acts as a base and stabiliser. Good hip action comes from a stable and controlled base.
  • Torso – where all the activity is done. The main focus is to keep this area pulled up to ensure free movement and fluidity.
  • Shoulders – this is your frame. This should have limited movement to enable a strong physical connection with your partner.
  • It is all about creating a balance between each area of the body to gain maximum effortless speed.

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