Dirk Heidemann – Swing, Jazz and Blues influences in Jive

Lecture topic: Swing, Jazz and Blues influences in Jive.

Key learning points:

  • Afro-American music and the dances that originated from that music – swing, boogy woogy, jazz, blues, etc.
  • Jive dance closely uses influences from swing, jazz, blues music and is a mixture of lots of forms of swing dancing.
  • Jive, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot derive directly from Afro-American music.
  • Black Americans well known for the ‘black groove’ (unlike white Americans who don’t tend to move as well) and their finely tuned musicality and ability to understand and feel the music.
  • To be a good dance, Jive needs musicality; characteristics; good taste – not beauty. Personality and character is sexy.
  • To make the dance more interesting, it needs to be danced in the past, present and the future. Past: a little bit slower than the beat (waiting until the last second to move); Present: totally on the beat; Future: a little ahead of the beat.

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