Dancing Basics with Passion – Rumba

Rumba – Part 1

Rumba – Part 2

Rumba – Part 3

Covered in this lesson:

  • Introduction
  • History of Rumba
  • Rumba Walk Warm Up
  • Forward Walk Turn Exercise
  • Four Types of Hip Action
  • Three Types of Lead
  • Rumba Warm Up – Bronze Level
  • Bronze Level figures: The Closed Basic, Open Basic Movement, Alternative Basic, New York, Solo Spot Turns, Switch Turns, Underarm Turn, Underarm Switch Turns, Summary of Turns in Rumba, Shoulder to Shoulder, Hand to Hand, Progressive Walks and Kiki Walks, Side Step, Cuban Rocks
  • Bronze Rumba Routine
  • Rumba Warm Up – Silver Level
  • Silver Level figures: Cucarachas, Fan, Alemana, Hockey Stick, Natural Top, Opening Out 20) Natural Opening Out, Closed Hip Twist
  • Silver Rumba Routine
  • Rumba Warm Up – Gold Level
  • Gold Level figures: Open Hip Twist, Reverse Top, Aida or Fallaway, Spiral and Other Spirals, Rope Spin, Sliding Door, Fencing, Three Threes, Continuous Hip Twist, Continuous Circular Hip Twist, Three Alemanas
  • Gold Level Routine 1
  • Gold Level Routine 2
  • Man’s Delayed Walk Warm Up
  • Lady’s Delayed Walk Warm Up
  • How To Use Delayed Walks

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