Dancing Basics with Passion – Paso Doble

Paso Doble – Part 1

Paso Doble – Part 2

Covered in this lesson:

  • Introduction
  • History of Paso Doble
  • Posture in Paso Doble
  • Body Positions and Holds
  • Paso Doble Walks
  • The Apel
  • Methods of Changing Feet
  • Contra Body Movement Position
  • Foot Positions
  • Paso Doble Warm Up
  • Paso Doble Warm Up – Bronze Level
  • Bronze Level figures: Surplace, Basic Movement Forward and Back, Chassé to Right, Chassé to Left, The Drag, The Deplacement, Promenade Link, Promenades, Fallaway Whisk, Separation, Separation with Lady’s Caping Walks
  • Bronze Paso Doble Routine
  • Paso Doble Warm Up – Silver Level
  • Silver Level figures: Separation with Fallaway Ending, The Huit, The Sixteen, Promenade and Counter Promenades, The Grand Circle, The Open Telemark, The La Passe, The Banderillas, Twist Turn, Fallaway Reverse, Coup Di Pique, Left Foot Variation, Spanish Line
  • Silver Paso Doble Routine
  • Paso Doble Warm Up – Gold Level
  • Gold Level figures: Flamenco Taps with Spanish Line, Syncopated Separation, Traveling Spins, The Farol, The Twists, The Chassé Cape
  • Gold Paso Doble Routine

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