Hello Intermediates,

Stakes get higher

At the intermediate level, the stakes get higher. To succeed at this level, you must have a better understanding of the technique involved in Latin dancing. If you are missing something that you should know from the beginner-novice section I suggest you go there and revise before continuing here. What you will certainly need to move forward is flexibility and body control through the body flexibility and isolation exercises.

Demonstrate control and understanding of the Latin principles

As an intermediate Latin dancer, you are expected to demonstrate control and understanding of the Latin principles. An excellent series of Latin dance lessons which will help you with this, which involves 4 of the 5 Latin dances (cha cha, samba, rumba and paso doble), is the Innovation by Slavik Kryklyvyy and Karina Smirnoff. In this series after demonstrating a dance routine splitting it into 4 sections, Slavik and Karina explain in detail the technical aspects of dancing, such as posture, body weight and movement, footwork, leg action and leg movement, body action and leg, hip pendulum action, connecting body action and leg, body action and movement, and characterization of each dance. You can access Innovation here.

Since the Innovation series does not include Jive, I found some other dance teaching videos from James & Jaana Kunitz, which include a very good explanation of Jive technical aspects. Check out James & Jaana Kunitz teaching videos here.

Further Development

Once you grasp the technicality involved in Latin dancing you can and you should look into how to further develop your dancing skills. The way to do this is only by learning and then applying your learnings into your practice sessions.

Knowledge + Practice = Results

The learnings can come from many different streams. Your fellow dancers, dance coaches, or the dancing courses and lectures that you can find on this site. However be careful who you learn from. A wrong advice can harm your dancing. This is the reason, on this site you can find advice, lectures, and courses only from the elite of Latin dance society. Check out the lectures from top professional Latin dancers here to further develop your dancing.


If you are an Intermediate Latin dancer I suggest you bookmark this page so you can come back and go again and again through these courses. Remember: Repetition is the mother of skill! If you have successfully come to the end of dancing as an Intermediate and have acquired all the necessary skills then Congratulations you can now move to the Advanced level.