Hello Advanced Latin Dancers,

First of all Congratulations for making it this far! In dancing and in life, in general, a lot of people want to be successful and be acknowledged and admired by others for this. However only a few succeed. Because to become successful requires a lot of determination and hard work.

Love Dancing

If you are looking here it is safe to assume that you love dancing, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Loving what you do is the first step in succeeding on what you do because it is this love for dance that will keep you walking forward at the hard times when the results you get are less than what you really want. It is your love for dance that will push you to do sacrifices and push yourself to new heights.

DON’T try to reinvent the wheel

No one has learned to dance from the belly of their mother. All the technicality and the mechanics of dance are taught to us from people that have been there before and have achieved what we aim to achieve. During your journey as a dancer, you do NOT need to reinvent the wheel. Learn as much as you can from top professional dancers, either directly if you are fortunate enough to be able to do so, or from their teaching videos, courses and lectures.

Develop your performance skills

Develop your performance skills and mesmerise the audience through flawless movements of body and emotions. An advanced dancer is required to have an exceptional understanding of the Latin technique and demonstrate this through their dancing. Every figure and every move you do must have its roots and be clearly derived and connected to the basics and to the characterization of the dance. This is very well described in Innovation by Slavik and Karina. However, there is much more to performance than technique. An excellent dance series that offers insides into performance is the Ready to Perform by Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis. If you are interested in buying this course have a look here.

Progress and learning never ends

The journey of Latin dance learning never ends. But the beauty is not in the end but it is in the journey. The fruitful results of your investment and hard work in educating yourself and practising will soon come. And this will be overwhelmingly satisfying and gratifying because of the journey that has brought you there. If you were to become successful from one day to the next then there would be much less meaning for you in this success; because the truth is that we value what we work for, and we work for what we value.


  • Ready to Perform by Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis
  • Latin dance lectures for continuous education

If you are an Advanced Latin dancer I suggest you bookmark this page so you can come back and go again and again through the courses and lectures offered on this site. Remember: Repetition is the mother of skill!

To your success,